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  • Monthly repayments vs fortnightly repayments
  • Making extra repayments
  • Finding a more competitive interest rate
  • Make higher repayments
  • Fixed vs variable
  • Offset account
  • Interest-only versus principal and interest repayments
  • At Anchor wealth
    At Anchor wealth, in our first strategy session, we draw a picture of your current position with current debt levels and where tomorrow's opportunities lie. implementing strategies to assist Australians cut down the life of their mortgage. We help our clients easily understand what their options are empowering them to own their tomorrow.
    The video strategy consultation
    The video strategy consultation allows Australians to make an informed decision regarding obtaining Financial Advice. It is paramount an informed decision is made, allowing everyday Australians the opportunity to minimize the burden of mortgage debt.
  • What impacts negatively on cashflow is debt
    the higher the debt levels in a household the more difficult it is to build wealth. The high prices of the Australian housing market have unfortunately caused Australians to feel the shackles of big mortgage debt.
    Australians love to spend
    Australians love to spend, the Aussie household is in fact one of the highest in debt in the world, mostly due to low-interest rates, low unemployment, and a strong economy. The average household debt in Australia is currently $245,000, more than 4 times the rate in the late 80s. Australians have the second-highest debt levels in the world, we are aware of it, it keeps us up at night and there is big evidence it is changing our life.


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The Australian property market is worth a staggering 6.6 Trillion
which is more than double that of the 2.91 Trillion superannuation system and the 2.22 trillion share market. Our Homes are amongst the most expensive in the world.
20.4 billion of home loans are in arrears
Despite interest rate at a 40-year low, 20.4 billion of home loans are in arrears, suggesting that Australians are struggling to repay their mortgage and they have borrowed to capacity. Australians are building about 180,000 new homes a year and the average home loan is $456,000. This rate will only increase the stats for families struggling to repay their loans
Debt is being taken into retirement
Debt is being taken into retirement; Mortgage figures being taken into retirement have increased40% over the last decade. First home buyers have found it harder also; they have had to spend an extra $114,000 on average compared to 10 years ago.
If mortgage repayments were to go up by 2.5%
If mortgage repayments were to go up by a 2.5% interest rate, first home buyers would see their home repayments go up by an average of $8,000 a year. However, living in a country with one of the highest average salaries in the world, the good news is Australians are also using debt to create wealth. Understanding the day-to-day spending enables Australians to prepare for the future.
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