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The Director of Anchor Wealth Milad Rezaei has been a practicing Financial Adviser since 2014. Upon the completion of his Bachelor of applied finance degree at the University of South Australia, Milad knew he had found his vocation, helping everyday Australian’s from all walks of life achieve financial success and freedom.

Anchor Wealth, founded by Milad Rezaei operates as a financial planning practice under the Synchron licensee group, which is top three largest licensee groups in Australia (2020). Milad as a Financial Advisor adheres to Synchron’s stringent advice process and strict compliance procedures. Milad Rezaei is an “A” rating Financial Advisor based on previous audits undertaken by multiple auditors in his years as a practicing Financial Advisor.

Milad has crafted his expertise through years of education and experience, in addition to working alongside retiring Advisors focused on rigorous financial strategies. Milad, being a strategy focused Advisor uncovers the factors motivating his clients wanting to seek change, further articulating the financial shortcomings if no action was taken.

Ultimately, clients benefit when the value of change far outweighs the investment made in financial advice. Milad believes a relationship should be established with a trusted Advisor when this value has been clearly demonstrated.

The strategies and products Milad recommends are devised to meet the goals and challenges of his clients. An Industry standard document, the statement of advice is presented to all clients, comprehensively demonstrating the proposed better position—a highly regulated document developed following a stringent research process.

Milad believes financial advice has the potential to alter one’s life. Assisting his clients to have the ability to work because they want to, not because they must, has been his prime mission. This strong belief drives him every day as an Advisor to help Australians achieve financial success.

Founder – Milad Rezaei

– One of the most astute minds in the industry
– A true expert
– Enthusiastic, Not the over the top irrelevant enthusiasm, rather enthusiasm derived from knowing the significant value he offers to our valued clients
– Bachelor of applied finance degree, University of South Australia
– Financial Advisor since 2014
– Established Anchor Wealth Pty Ltd in 2017


You’re one anchor plan away

About Anchor Wealth

One of Australia’s fastest-growing financial advisory firms

Provide financial advice to clients from all stages and walks of life

Assist our clients Build, protect, and grow their wealth

Educating our clients, allowing an informed decision to be made

Adhere to the Synchron licensee group. Top three largest licensee groups (2020) in Australia. We follow their stringent advice processes, systems, and compliance
procedures, including being annually audited. You can be rest assured we are overlooked by one of the best in our industry.


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