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14 superannuation challenges, solutions, and opportunities

The most Tax-effective structure in Australia!

Superannuation enables Australians to save for their retirement.
It’s a tax-effective trust allowing individuals to accumulate wealth over their working career to meet their financial needs during retirement.

The superannuation system in Australia has a 15% tax obligation, versus the marginal tax of individuals in Australia, which could be as high as 49%. Superannuation advice can help you manage this taxation and is a vital aspect of growing your super.

At Anchor Wealth, through stringent strategies, we assist clients to grow their super during the accumulation phase and preserve funds throughout the retirement years.


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  • Do you know how your super is structured? Its significance and benefits equal that of driving a car versus walking to your destination every day.

    Saving fees, effective tax management strategies, and access to effective investment options are the outcome of understanding your super structure, which could ultimately make the difference. Australians can invest their superannuation in varying structures. Understanding the different structures and making an astute decision can improve your nest egg substantially in the long-term. Investors must have a good understanding of available options allowing an informed decision.
  • I need help assessing my current super funds, what are some areas to consider?

    • Index versus active investment options
    • Investment allocation& number of investment options available
    • Transparency of the fund
    • Management expense ratio cost
    • Structure of super
    • Level of control for the investor
    • Tax efficiencies of the fund
    • Admin costs
    • The insurance covers features, premium structure capability
    • Income distributions of investments, are they paid to you or the trustee first
    • Pooled investment structure versus ownership of the underlying investments
    • Tax benefits paid directly to the investor or the trustee of the fund
    • Member fees

8 alarming reasons why you may want to move super funds

  • Older product with higher fees.
  • Limited investment opportunities.
  • The product does not offer a structure for effective tax strategies.
  • Management expense ratio and admin fees higher than competing super funds, comparing apples with apples are essential.
  • Retirement goals and a product assessment to meet retirement goals.The earlier we analyze and implement strategies, the higher the potential of closing the gap.
  • Transition to a retirement strategy purposes
  • Insurances inside super. Australians can obtain personal insurance inside super funds. However, not all providers are the same. Understanding the potential grey areas and shortcomings of the insurance offering is vital and could save you a disastrous claims process.
  • The super fund does not provide adequate long-term premium structures. An effective long-term structure could save a substantial amount of premiums. Having sufficient cover whilst avoiding high premiums can significantly preserve your super in the long-term.
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